Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wireless Home Entertainment (no links on this header)

will update with details as soon as i have more - "With just a few hundred dollars worth of equipment, you can easily set up a TiVO-style system that records your favorite TV shows (either analog, broadcast, digital cable, or satellite) onto a hard drive. You need to upgrade to an 802.11g wireless network (802.11b is too slow for full-spectrum video) and plenty of storage space (30 minutes of video is about 150 MB). After you have the captured video, you can share it, edit it, delete it, view it, and more. You can even view TV signals on a laptop equipped with a TV tuner card. With the right equipment, you can also control your TV from a wireless laptop. Do you have a bunch of MP3 files stored on a computer or laptop and want to play them on your home stereo? Well, most sound cards come with a 0.125-inch jack for headphones. Simply run down to your favorite electronic superstore and buy a cable with a 0.125-inch plug on one end and two RCA connectors on the other end that plug into the line-in jacks on your audio amplifier. If you want the same thing without wires, kits are available starting for around $100 that will let you beam music files to your home stereo equipment from a PC or laptop. Bingo, music to your ears." source CNET lessons - Wireless Home Networking... wonder if those usb adapters suck up their power thru the cable???

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