Tuesday, June 08, 2004


People, 1. Yes Uj, I saw the picture. Smaller, on the right, et al. 2. With every one of your e-mails I also saw a weird attachment suffixed ".tiff".  I couldn't open it, as hard as I tried.  I think though that the suffix is an appropriate one, b'cos it's what the kalab seems to be heading for with the raging blog-controversy. Here then, is my ha'penny worth: 3. I'll take your word on blogging being here to stay.  But as for me, I'm finding it somewhat less convoluted to type in the word "gkalab" in the "to" line on my yahoo-mail, and achieve the same result.  Sure, things might've been less easy if I'd wanted to send all of you large files and pictures, or if I wanted to keep a lifelong log of all gkalab email messages. But seeing as I don't, nor intend to, I'm thinking there's too much unnecessary slog over this blog.  In sharp contrast to your hotmail analogy, blogging therefore seems to make things needlessly more complicated vis-a-vis the existing alternative! (Sidebar to SV : as a fellow-investor in the stockmarket, here's a tip --- do not put too much money buying blog-companies ka stock.) 4. The way I see it, the main benefit of this entire blogging debate has been that we've all received more mail from Uj in the last month than we have in the last 5 years. I will therefore not claim blogging doesn't have its uses.  I'm toh simply saying I don't see it as a better alternative for me -- given that I'm anyway a regular gkalab correspondent, given that I'm not sending humongous files routinely, given that I'm not longing to preserve gkalab correspondence for posterity, and given that I'm less excited by tech for tech's sake. Amen. Harry

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