Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Britannia - Only for the non veggies!!

Britannia Originally uploaded by HughPee.

went to this old irani restaurant for lunch today.. maybe i'm the last amongst us to get there.. enjoyed the food very much especially the berry pulao and the salli boti.. the mutton cutlets were not that hot as they were soaking in oil!

Bumped into Ramesh Thomas who was also having lunch there. Actually he came up to the table and asked us if we wanted anything more. Vini assuming that he was the waiter said "no" without even looking up! I looked up to say no and saw him raise his eyebrows :P Had a good laugh. http://www.mumbainet.com/eatinout/britania.htm

Monday, November 29, 2004

Bulla ki jaana mai kaun - Rabbi Shergill

Another recommendation by Harry. The first song "Bulla ki jaana mai kaun" is indeed very good. Heard it yesterday and today at Subha's.

Shiti is it already on your list?

Had to hunt like crazy to get hold of an image file... none available off the web... had to go into a cached file to get one...

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Shantaram Originally uploaded by Ujwala.
Harry doesnt usually go overboard but she has on this one! Said that she even wanted to cancel appointments and stay back at home to finish it. A must read according to her. JJ is next in line and will be followed by rj and me.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sango's articles in the Afternoon

Sango in the news! for those of you who havent read any as yet... here's the link to sango's articles in the Afternoon Courier and Despatch... Cybernoon.com

Sunday, August 01, 2004

My Product Advisor

My first post! please to use - great site to help u buy Digital cameras, cars, pda's- JJ

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Moving to Mumbai!!

Packers are about to take my mumputer :(.... wont have it for over a month!! double :((

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

linkaGoGo - free Online Favorites/ Bookmarking Manager and Application

i have my dot mac account where i sync all my bookmarks but you guys might find this interesting...

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

EcoCosm / EcoSphere

I wrote about this just a few weeks back! basically i'm now saying ki hum bahut trendo hai! :P i like the idea of algae/bacteria and fungi better than live shrimps though..... so who's going to build one with me?? has to be you harry! you're the one who is going to be near by! hee hee hee! actually i'm sure keya would be excited... right shiti?? some more links tips from Ecosphere - a manf. of these thingies my previous link for you rotters who didnt see it!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Flickr: Ujwala's Photo Calendar

Originally uploaded by HughPee.
I havent checked out Picasa so I dont know how good it is but Flickr is outstanding!! Truly! You must check it out! In fact shall mail an invite to you'll right away :P So now i dont need a personal website to host pictures - flickr does it for me for free and i can send photos by email, with a bookmarklet, upload it from their webpage. ... too many options .. v.nice... i'm sure you guys will like the site... check it out!

Picasa: Now owned by Google

Originally uploaded by HughPee.
Automated Digital Photo Organizer software, instant photo albums, sharing & printing. You might want to try it out including their app for uploading called hello. But I'd recommend Flickr coz that's what i've tried.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Internet Archive

Originally uploaded by HughPee.
I was reading about the Internet Bookmobile and the problems that they ran into with cops etc in a park in the us. discovered that we have one of those mobile vans in india to... office in noida and then with some more surfing discovered this archive - full of wonderful things.... shiti you might find stuff of interest to keya too... they have a seperate childrens library section... Books no longer under copyright (project gutenberg is just one of the sites), Web pgs archived from 1996, Audio and video... looks like a fantastic site..

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Modigliani - Beyond the Myth

mereko toh bahut pasand ayaa... this one i was really keen on seeing and though gala and nanda were keen on it too i went on my own a couple of days before heading back... and i'm really glad i did - coz i loved it... this is one of the paintings that i really liked click here to see some paintings from their gallery clicking on the header will take you to the jewish museum's write up on the artist.

GameHouse Games - Jigsaw,Collapse,Mahjong,Solitaire and More

Bounce Out Blitz and Collapse! Crunch are both fun... for all those who are now sick of snood here are a bunch of games to try out... but remember these are all trial versions... i have a copy of collapse the original version for any of you who're interested... And if you sign up for their newsletter you'll get a free game... i dont know which coz i subscribed a while back and so wasnt given one :(

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My first oil painting - a bit of a disaster :P

First & Second Attempt Second one!! MJ's look alike?? quite eeksaboo :( - will get galu to send the 3rd where i was trying to recover from the maikilal jaikishen one!!

Cooking at the Culinary Institute

one of the exciting (!!) things we did was go to the culinary institute to learn all about summer grilling.. it turned out to far better than our expectations! (click on the header in case you are interested in checking out elizabeth's website)

3 sisters...

had a blast in ny! this was taken in nanda's living room a day before i left. desperately cropped and reduced for the web :P i thought t'was nice one..

Friday, July 02, 2004

Sarah Jones: What A Character!

went and saw a play last night - bridges and tunnels - a one woman show and really really good. if you get the chance you must see it!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Cookin' With Google

There's a book out from O'Reilly on Google Hacks and i thought what good will that do but here's a real neat example... and one that you guys might like to use.. type in some ingredients and get a bunch of recipes related to them...

50 Coolest Websites

as rated by Time Magazine... all on one page... the google hack shown above is from this listing...

Friday, June 25, 2004


are these java scripts that you drag onto your browsers menu bar.... "blog this" (mentioned earlier) which automatically posted articles to your blog on Blogger, is one such example... i found another which gives you your ip address.. useful for using the freebie sip software phones to make free calls but discovered later that it only works with Netscape! i guess they're the ones that came up with java script so....

The World Clock - Time Zones

Nice and easy page to figure out time at various locations... ramesh what was the one for currency?

Photography In the Digital Era

Digital Photography Check out a text book online. i guess soon is going to be time to stop looking and start reading :P actually i found this a year ago and bookmarked it on gala's computer. i'm back on it after a year and so... you could download the pages onto your desktop using one of the apps mentioned on this site.. or a save this function with multiple links from your browser menu

Monday, June 21, 2004


The next step in searching - combining net and your desktop... try it out... * Search information from your desktop * Link don't search * Ideas not keywords Sadly not for the Mac as yet.. I read about it first at GigaOM - Om Malik's Blog

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wireless Home Entertainment (no links on this header)

will update with details as soon as i have more - "With just a few hundred dollars worth of equipment, you can easily set up a TiVO-style system that records your favorite TV shows (either analog, broadcast, digital cable, or satellite) onto a hard drive. You need to upgrade to an 802.11g wireless network (802.11b is too slow for full-spectrum video) and plenty of storage space (30 minutes of video is about 150 MB). After you have the captured video, you can share it, edit it, delete it, view it, and more. You can even view TV signals on a laptop equipped with a TV tuner card. With the right equipment, you can also control your TV from a wireless laptop. Do you have a bunch of MP3 files stored on a computer or laptop and want to play them on your home stereo? Well, most sound cards come with a 0.125-inch jack for headphones. Simply run down to your favorite electronic superstore and buy a cable with a 0.125-inch plug on one end and two RCA connectors on the other end that plug into the line-in jacks on your audio amplifier. If you want the same thing without wires, kits are available starting for around $100 that will let you beam music files to your home stereo equipment from a PC or laptop. Bingo, music to your ears." source CNET Help.com lessons - Wireless Home Networking... wonder if those usb adapters suck up their power thru the cable???

FeedDemon - the NewsReader for Windows

FeedDemon is a newsreader for the wintel platform.... it is pre-loaded with a lot of useful websites. This software allows you to view changes (only changes made since you last checked) to the website you've selected (called subscription). You can add to this existing list by dragging the XML button from the websites you frequent into FeedDemon. My newsreader has Indian Express (i wish the samachar guys would wake up and have an RSS feed!!), BBC, Engadget, Gizmodo, DPReview etc.. Let me know if you try it out! Also if you do, please drag my XML button in too so you can then keep uptodate on the changes i'm making!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The IndiBlog Awards

thought you guys might be interested in checking a few of these blogs... Jivha - the Tongue - won the award Indian Bloggers List - see what some others have to say :P Kamat: The Blog Portal - list according to when updated

Canon Digital Learning Center

learn to use your digital camera better.... the link above will take you to the page with lesson 1 - 5.... i'd checked this site out almost a year ago when the new canon rebel was launched... quickly discovered that most of the tips were useful for my nikon too... only problem was that back then there were just 2-3 lessons but now there are 25! so have a look.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

EyeTV - Elgato systems

This is allows you to use your computer as a DVR and allows you to watch tv too... i was wondering if any of you know the kind of broadcasting we now have in india - is it digital satellite television? it's not terrestrial is it?? lemme know... tks! (sorry, this product is for the mac only)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Mac + PC - AirPort Express & AirTunes

I'm definitely going to get my hands on one of these on this trip to NY... listen to music, print or surf wirelessly... nice deal!

Eco glass cleans itself with Sun

I would love to have this glass used for the windows in the house we (if / when?) build. Should be affordable by then!


People, 1. Yes Uj, I saw the picture. Smaller, on the right, et al. 2. With every one of your e-mails I also saw a weird attachment suffixed ".tiff".  I couldn't open it, as hard as I tried.  I think though that the suffix is an appropriate one, b'cos it's what the kalab seems to be heading for with the raging blog-controversy. Here then, is my ha'penny worth: 3. I'll take your word on blogging being here to stay.  But as for me, I'm finding it somewhat less convoluted to type in the word "gkalab" in the "to" line on my yahoo-mail, and achieve the same result.  Sure, things might've been less easy if I'd wanted to send all of you large files and pictures, or if I wanted to keep a lifelong log of all gkalab email messages. But seeing as I don't, nor intend to, I'm thinking there's too much unnecessary slog over this blog.  In sharp contrast to your hotmail analogy, blogging therefore seems to make things needlessly more complicated vis-a-vis the existing alternative! (Sidebar to SV : as a fellow-investor in the stockmarket, here's a tip --- do not put too much money buying blog-companies ka stock.) 4. The way I see it, the main benefit of this entire blogging debate has been that we've all received more mail from Uj in the last month than we have in the last 5 years. I will therefore not claim blogging doesn't have its uses.  I'm toh simply saying I don't see it as a better alternative for me -- given that I'm anyway a regular gkalab correspondent, given that I'm not sending humongous files routinely, given that I'm not longing to preserve gkalab correspondence for posterity, and given that I'm less excited by tech for tech's sake. Amen. Harry

Monday, June 07, 2004

5 Qs (You’ve Been Dying) To Ask About Business Blogs

"Put it this way: scarcely 10 years ago you might have asked, “Will email replace the phone, fax and postal mail as the preferred means of business communication?” Of course, we exclaim in hindsight." i like these guys.. i still get their newsletters though i hardly if ever read them anymore but unlike the others i havent unsubscribed... if you read this article you might be interested in checking out their website..

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Paint by Number - An addictive game

Paint by Number or Nonograms or Tsunami are a few of the better known names for this type of puzzle... ooh remembered one more - griddler. these are puzzles in a grid...you have no.s along the rows and columns to fill in some of the grids and once completed it reveals a picture. try only if you have the time... click on the headline here and it will take you to a site where you could download for free.... the original type that i'm currently trying is called pic-a-pix here... enjoy!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Night and Low Light Digital Photography Tips

i thought that these links would be of interest to most of us.. harry shouldnt have a problem coz her canon has got one of those focussing lights for these situations... but t'would help the rest of us.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

iSketch - Pictionary on the web

I'm sure that subha and shiti know about this site.. but do the boys?? playing a round or two is a good stress buster...

Monday, May 31, 2004

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

put in the meaning and it spits out the words... i didnt know one of these existed...

Sunday, May 30, 2004

RSS - Really Simple Syndication

Newsreader This is something i've been using for a while now... for those of you who havent tried and go to the same sites pretty often, this is a great tool - It lets you, in one window, see which sites have been updated and within that a listing of the new articles and usually a brief synopsis of the article. there's a list of windows apps in this article ... the lite versions will be free.. try it out ... you wont regret it! RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It is what it claims to be: a quick and easy way to create and use "syndicated content" such as news headlines and announcements. Some websites (like this one) use RSS to deliver articles and article previews to readers who are simply too busy to browse to our site and dig up the content they are interested in. Other sites use RSS to alert customers of new products or upcoming events. click for more...

Saturday, May 29, 2004

The world's best blogs

as you can see, i'm really vela... rj's having his weekend afternoon snooze and i'm onto a good thing with a captive audience of 5 and i know it'll be atleast a month before you ask me to shut up! what the heck none of the boys are in as yet... so... have a look at this page... some really good sites mentioned... one of my favorite ones and one that i check almost everyday is www.gizmodo.com - on new gadgets... the guy who used to write it has recently moved to www.endgadget.com... and if any of you are using a reader for rss sites endgadget is the one to keep as it has picts downloaded via rss....

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Ecosystem in a Jar

I've forgotten the name Rosh used to describe this. But ever since she told me that she was helping her daughter work on one for her school project, i was hooked. But like everything else stayed undone... one of my future projects. Did you guys try anything like this in school?

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Foveon - The new Tech that is likely to replace CCD's in cams

hold on till this tech becomes cheaper before buying your next video/digital camera... really exciting stuff.... and i didnt know that CCD tech is 30 years old already!!!! the foveon chip captures information like film... a seperate layer for each color - RGB whereas the ccd has one layer which captures all..

Monday, May 24, 2004


Blogger Knowledge Guys - this is an interesting option for providing links to photographs... i cant do this as currently it runs only on the wintel platf.... so why dont you download and show me some picts?? :D

What is BlogThis! ?

guys get this ... t'will atleast ease the pressure on you and you'll be able to send stuff on sites that you like straight away... drag it onto your task bar in IE or Netscape.. when you click on it it lets you post that page directly to the blog.. i've been using it for all these posts... painless!

Link to recent photooo ( Click me!!)

hopefully this link should work and this post should be mailed out to all of us... :D

Friday, May 14, 2004

3 and counting...

get the others to stop wasting time and join! or put something down :D kk, hari - you both have admin rights...

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Gkalabites - Do it right this time!

ramesh told me that he'd deleted the automated mail sent by blogger and since i havent heard from the rest of you ... i'm assuming that you guys have done the same.... here it comes once again... come up with ideas for a name... i think gkalab by itself sounds good - what do you guys think? shall set it up and maintain it if you guys promise to contribute!!