Friday, April 15, 2005

Rabbi Shergill Live at Siri Fort

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heh heh heh! Got to see Rabbi live in Delhi at Siri Fort yesterday evening. Had almost given up on getting to hear him as they dropped a Harshdeep Kaur on an unsuspecting audience for over an hour!! She wasnt even mentioned on the invite!! We were mighty cheesed off till he came on and started singing. A real pleasure to hear and with a great band to back him up. He is much shorter and stockier that I had expected. Was wearing jhalla black cotton pyjamas and kurti. His live versions were a bit different from the recorded ones and he had a very chota repertoire so wound up pretty quickly. He did a bit of one of Dylan's no. in his last song after telling us a big story about Bobby Dhillon from Punjab the unsung bard etc. etc. etc. T'was lost of the audience that remained. Most got up and ran away after he finished playing Bullah ki jaana. ... i had a wonderful time. Beginning to like delhi because of all these wonderful opportunities.... click on the header if you want to ready a nice article by a tehelka guy on rabbi

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